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Ortho Molecular Alpha Base Capsules w/o Iron 240 CT

Ortho Molecular Alpha Base Capsules w/o Iron 240 CT

Ortho Molecular Alpha Base Capsules w/o Iron 240 CT
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Using the best vitamin and mineral ingredients available, and formulated using the highest standards, Ortho Molecular Alpha Base multivitamin surpasses all others in providing a safe, effective program for life-long nutritional support.

Alpha Base provides a full spectrum of highly-absorbed mineral chelates, manufactured by Albion, the world leader in highly bioavailable mineral chelates.

• Alpha Base exclusively uses high-quality USP grade B vitamins that are ideal for those who are looking to boost their energy levels and support stressful lifestyles.

• Inferioir multivitamin supplements often contain synthetic vitamin E in a di-tocopherol form. Alpha Base contains natural d-alpha tocopherols and mixed tocopherols
to enhance vitamin E availability and increase its free radical scavenging potential.

• 72% of Americans are Magnesium deficient. So, when magnesium is critical for calcium absorption and utilization, why do most multivitamins focus only on supplementing calcium? Alpha Base provides an optimal 2:1 magnesium t calcium ratio to ensure proper mineral balance is achieved.

• While most multis go light on fat soluble vitamins, Alpha Base provides optimal amounts of vitamin D and vitamin K as Mk-7. The natural MK-7 form has been shown
to have significantly better absorption and remain in the blood longer than other forms of vitamin K2.

Alpha Base multivitamin Benefits:

·         Provides Baseline Nutrition for a Variety of Protocols
·         Full Spectrum Antioxidant Protection
·         Builds Metabolic Reserve and Protects Against Dietary Deficiencies
·         Protects Against Stress-Induced Nutrient Depletion
·         Supports Healthy Metabolism
Alpha Base multivitamin Suggested Use:

4-8 capsules per day with food or as recommended by your health care professional